Personal Brand Development 1


The using of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Blog, not only helps a business get benefits from the increase in products or services sales, but also helps to develop the company’s brand awareness, public relations and customer services. However, how to use the Blog effectively? How to spread and post valuable information to the target audience through the Blog? And how to establish an interactive link between the product and the consumer? The article 57 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic answered all above these questions.

In my opinion, the most important and effective tips to drive more Blog traffic, are “make sure the social media channel displayed in a prominent position so people can easily follow you”, and “make yourself available to speak”. By displaying the social media channel in a conspicuous position, more people would click on my blog, then I will get more attention from them, so me or my brand will have a stronger influence power than others. Besides, it is necessary to speak to my readers, it helps me have more opportunities to communicate with my readers. Besides, there are some other articles also provide some different tactics to increase the Blog traffic, such as this and this.

In addition, although there are many tactics that can be used to increase the Blog traffic, not all these tactics suit for myself, few of them would be selected in order to apply to my own Blog.

If I am a manager of a company, establishing my company’s blog, the way to boost the Blog traffic is very important things for me. This article which shows the importance of the blog post title, and some tips to write business style blog. I should learn how to use these tactics effectively.


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